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Harwell Family Foundation

Mamaland Children's Village

Mamaland Children's Village

Nurturing & Educating Young Girls

Mamaland Children’s Village, a program of the Harwell Family Foundation, functions as a home for destitute and orphaned children in Sierra Leone.

The children of Mamaland Children’s Village are nurtured and raised by Sierra Leonean mothers who impart their culture, language and values and provide the direction and support the children need to feel valued and loved.


Mamaland Childrens’ Village is an independent, nongovernmental, nonprofit organization providing humanitarian and developmental assistance to the most vulnerable children in the Koinadugu district of Sierra Leone.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for vulnerable children to develop the skills, education, experiences, and talents they will need to serve their local villages and communities as adults.

Mamaland Children's VillageMamaland Children's Village

Objectives — The Four Pillars

Pillar 1: Cultural

To preserve the culture and traditions of Sierra Leone.

  • Know how to speak their tribal language by speaking with others in their villages.
  • Close relationships with the people in their village through extended stays
  • Understanding of the dance, dress, and customs of their original tribe
  • Comprehension of politics, history, and development of Sierra Leone

Pillar 2: Educational 

To offer the best in education opportunities and skill development.

  • Opportunity to attend private primary and secondary school in Kabala
  • After school tutoring program
  • Opportunity to attend college in-country and in United States.
  • Life skill development for those children who do not have the aptitude for higher education
  • Exposure to other countries and cultures

Pillar 3: Spiritual 

To raise the children with values and a hopeful spirit.

  • Raise the children with Christian values through prayer, bible reading, and attending church
  • Provide the children with a Christian worldview
  • Teach the children to be generous and to serve others
  •  Instill a spirit of hope and optimism

Pillar 4: Giving Back

To serve the people of Sierra Leone with their lives.

  • Our desire is to raise the future leaders of Sierra Leone (medical, political and business leaders)
  • We want the children to use their lives and talents to serve the people in Sierra Leone through the opportunities that Mamaland Children’s Village has given them
  • Inspire these future leaders to conduct their lives with integrity and hard work
  • To make Sierra Leone a thriving country

There are now 20 girls living at MamaLand who are now safe, wellfed, educated, thriving, growing in their faith most of all, dearly loved.

While each one of these girls has come from different backgrounds and their stories have begun from places of tragedy and loss, it is incredibly inspiring to think of what tremendous potential lies ahead for these precious young lives.

Sponsor a Mamaland Daughter

We don't usually come out and say it this boldly, but we need your help!

We have been blown away, humbled and truly grateful for the many of you who have expressed a desire to get personally involved in this work and have generously done so! After several of you have requested this means of participating, we are so excited to be launching a child sponsorship program!

Would you please consider sponsoring one of the daughters of Mamaland? 

We invite you to click on the pictures of the girls below to read more about each one. We are set up to accept monthly donations or a one-time donation to cover the entire upcoming year. While most sponsorship programs pay for an after-school program for a child who lives with their own family, 100% of your donation will go to cover the entire care and upbringing of each girl. This will include: housing, food, house mothers to care for and nurture the girls, their education, school uniforms and fees, transportation, clothes, necessary hygiene products, a tutor and medical care for each girl.

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