The Microbusiness Solution

Strategy for Success

Owning a micro business provides motivated individuals with self-directed economic solutions. Entrepreneurs know their own skills and interests, and work hard to offer them to others. Over time, they become known for the goods and services they provide.


Those living in Sierra Leone often make cloth and clothing, prepare hot food, or buy spices, medicines, rice and other needed items at wholesale, then resell them in their communities. Some offer a unique skill such as weaving, cooking or iron forging. Goods and services are sold from their own stalls in markets, from their homes, or door to door.

Owning a microbusiness

While many businesses will remain small, others may have the potential to grow to include additional employees and locations. Salone Rising supports motivated entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone with economic and educational incentives that foster their efforts to sustain and grow their businesses.


“Entrepreneurship development in Sierra Leone can create large-scale employment opportunities, and promote balanced regional economic development…. It can also reduce the concentration of economic power, stimulate wealth creation and distribution, leading to improvement in living standards and facilitate overall development.” – Zainab Tunkara Clarkson, International Development Consultant and Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED) Country Ambassador for Sierra Leone